What is SciPEP?

A Novel Collaboration

The Kavli Foundation and the Department of Energy, who both support basic science, are working in partnership to deepen our understanding of effective public engagement around basic research, exploring how we can improve this practice, and providing tools for scientists and practitioners.

Why SciPEP?

Engaging publics in basic science

Our understanding of how publics engage with the process, people, and products of science has grown. As we survey advances in science engagement, we see a gap – basic research is rarely the focus. We seek to advance our knowledge about basic science engagement and empower those who do this work.

Credit: PNNL

Resources for scientists and professionals

SciPEP will curate and create a rich set of resources to help scientists and professionals who engage publics in basic research.

Virtual Conference

SciPEP 2023: New Insights for Communicating Basic Science

July 25-26, 2023